Welcome!  I’m Carmen Osborn and this is my work.  I built this site to share what I’m doing and to make myself accountable to make artwork again.  I love to paint, I love to draw, but like a lot of people who feel the same way, I’ve found it hard to make myself fit it in,

So… this blog is my check in.  If I commit myself to posting my creative progress a few times a week, then I’ll actually have to make progress and make stuff!  And the “November is Art Every Day Month 2015” was the kick off.

And it was a great success for me!  Creative Every Day 2016 is my new challenge. Click on the link to see more of what I’m up to and the other wonderful artists I’ participating with.   If you get a chance, check out the other artists.  And of course, I’ll be posting my progress right here.

Thanks, Carmen  🙂