Creative Every Day 2016

Transition Time: 

Just a little over a month ago, I was churning away on the Elliptical machine in my Florida Room, looking for something to listen to on FM Player.  I went to one of my favorites, The Arts and Healing Podcast  and picked out a 5 yr. old interview with artist, Leah Piken Kolidas.  She is the Founder of November is Art Every Day Month and Creative Every Day.  I felt like the timing was perfect.  I was trying to become more disciplined with my art practice, and currently had a goal to work on it at least 5 days a week.  I thought, wow, if by chance this movement is still active, I could sign onto the challenge and add more accountability to my commitment.  As soon as I got off the elliptical, I looked up Creative Every Day and was thrilled!!  The movement was still alive and well and November AEDM was scheduled to start in just a few days!  I spent the next week putting together this site, Creative Mend, to track my progress and share with the other participants.


I wrote last week about how much I enjoyed AEDM, but to be honest, on November 30th, it was a huge relief to know that I had made it through a whole month of this exercise and the pressure was off!  Yet, on the other hand, I didn’t want to lose the support and community held amongst a group of people working towards the same goals.  So it made sense to sign up for Creative Every Day 2016.  The point of this new challenge isn’t necessarily to create a piece of art every day, or even to work on a piece of art every day, but to be aware of your creative side daily, even briefly, and express it.  For example, before I began to paint and draw again in earnest this year, my creative outlet was definitely cooking.  So my first share with Creative Every Day was a picture of my breakfast, “Egg Pizza”.  It looked pretty good, and tasted even better!  LOL.


But most of my creative time will be in the studio, making art.  I’m working on a series of paintings for next year; sketching and planning right now.  When I get that worked out, I’ll put up a web gallery to display and sell from.


My commitment to paint is strong.  I have a lot to share, in pictures.  I invite you to click on the Creative Every Day 2016 link on the sidebar and check out the other artists that are also participating and are a great inspiration to me.


It’s a new week.  Happy Monday!

Another Turn Revised


                 “Another Turn, Revised”

  Acrylic on Canson Watercolor Paper – “12 x 9”

I decided to play around with the sky and finish it out on this painting I’d done last month.

( One thing I hope to get accomplished in the next few months is to purchase a DSLR camera.  The camera I’m using just misses a lot of the detail and color!)