Ashley River in August

Day 3:  Art Every Day Month

Yesterday, Day 3, I actually completed 3 paintings.  These were inspired by a day on the Ashley River back in August.  I knew as soon as I got on the water that day that I would be painting a LOT of Marsh grass.


Meandering through the creeks of the marsh is like watching a good movie; you’re on the edge of your seat, wondering what’s coming next.  Because of all the twists and turns and tall grass you can’t see the next “scene”.  I have to admit I was anxious at first, hoping I wouldn’t meet an alligator.  But instead, every time we turned a corner and I could see ahead, my mouth would drop open in awe.  I wanted to capture that drama on paper or canvas.


In September I did these three pastels, but set them aside, not sure if I’d finished them or not.  Technically, they were done, but the “drama”  wasn’t there.  Just a few weeks ago, I was preparing for an acrylic version of my marsh series. I laid down a value study on the canvas first.  Then I realized, that’s what was missing in the pastels.  So I went back last night and added darker darks and brighter lights and a little more color, and finally, they looked the way I felt that day in August.

Water path on Ashley

“Sunday Afternoon on the Ashley”

Pastel 16 x12

Big cloud on Ashley

“Blue Sky Forever”

Pastel 16×12

526 Bridge

“Looking Back”

Pastel 16 x 12

“A Painting is never finished.  It simply stops in interesting places.” 

– Paul Gardner, American Artist