Ashley River Painting Again

Day 15 & 16 & 17:  Art Every Day Month:

Painting every day this month, still!  I’m happy for that.  But some days, I don’t have anything finished to post.  This is another Ashley River painting.  I posted my sketch and underpainting on Saturday.  I thought I might finish it up on Sunday, but it definitely was not coming through for me.  Couldn’t get it nailed down.


I like to collect quotes, and in the midst of my struggle to make this picture come together, one kept coming to my mind and I had to chuckle.

The painter and the canvas are alone, and if the canvas does not fight back, it is meaningless.”  – American Artist, Edward Millman


Ughhh…  That canvas really fought back hard this time.



Tucked Away2

“Tucked Away”

Acrylic on Canvas 14″x11″