Broad River Bridge

Day 2:  Art Every Day Month

I did this painting several years ago, and just decided last week that it wasn’t done!  While taking pictures of my “inventory”, I saw that this one looked unfinished.  The left side of the painting, the river, was sketchy; where the right side was more polished.


Now, I often leave the edges, especially the bottom part of a work, somewhat unfocused and use a lighter application of pastel to keep the eye from being drawn to the edges.  The goal is to lead the eye around the painting and back to a focal point.


And the focus of this piece is obviously the railroad car with graffiti.  From there,  you follow the train back to the horizon, then you kind of drop down to the water, notice the concrete and stonework on the bridge, then move back up to the car.  (At least that’s the way my brain sees it.)


But the river is obviously not a dispensable part of the painting! So I have no idea why I ignored any detail in it when I painted this in 2011.  And maybe it stood out to me now because of the recent devastation caused by historic flooding over the past month. Our rivers are not so beautiful right now.


So, last night, I finished the water and rocks and gave them the color they deserve.

Broad River Bridge

“Broad River Railroad Bridge”

pastel 25 x 20