Church Creek at Ashley River

Day 21, 22, & 23:  Art Every Day Month

I wanted to experiment with acrylic paint on paper, after working on the Christmas Card, “Snow Palm”.


Unless I was painting mixed media, I’ve always used canvas for acrylic paintings, but I liked the smooth finish that I was able to achieve with the watercolor paper.  So I finished out one of my sketches from last week on paper, in acrylic, and was happy with the way the paint moved around and blended so easily.  And paper is awesome for experimentation with technique and I had never used it for that!  At least not with acrylics.


That’s what I love about participating in creating Art Every Day.  I’m trying new things that I might not have gotten around to for months, maybe years, because I’m challenged to paint every day, instead.  It’s a very good thing.

Around the Bend 2

“Another Turn”

Acrylic on Canson Watercolor Paper – 12″x9″