CRBR Study

Day 4:  Artist Every Day Month

The Cooper River Bridge Run is one of the biggest 10K events in the world, held in Charleston, SC.  They also hold a design contest every year for the next year’s image to be printed on poster’s, advertising and t-shirts.


I ran the CRBR this year with two of my children.  It was also my 50th birthday weekend celebration!  Anyway, I was inspired to enter the poster design contest for 2016.  The rules state that they prefer you to enter the image and they will insert the text when the winner is chosen.


The entries become property of CRBR, so all I have is the  smaller study that I did in preparation for the final piece.  My daughter had asked what I was going to do with the study, and said she would like to have it if I had no plans for it.


Yesterday, I finally put a little text on it to commemorate what it’s purpose was.  This weekend I’ll frame it and it’s hers!


final crbr

“CRBR Contest Study”

Acrylic 14 x 18

(This was the final version)

cooper river 003

“CRBR in the Holy City”

Acrylic 18 x 24