Enjoying the Challenge

Day 12:  Art Every Day Month

I’m having so much fun with this challenge to make art every day for a month!

When I started this, my main objective was discipline.  Before AEDM, my weekly goal would be to get in 5 days out of 7 working on my art.  You notice I said try, which was the biggest problem.  When other things would come up, painting or sketching would get put off, and I would miss my goal and be disappointed with myself.


But not this month!


Another benefit I hadn’t really considered was how much I would learn by working at this daily.  I’ve begun to notice ways that I have set myself up for frustration by not planning out my pieces more thoroughly in advance.  With the things I’ve learned these past 12 days, hopefully I’ll find myself staring at the canvas trying to figure out what I missed, a lot less often!


And last, but not least, I’ve met so many wonderful artists via the AEDM Facebook page.  The styles and perspectives run from one end of the spectrum to the other and I am just amazed at the beautiful things that are being created daily.  It’s better than a trip to an art gallery or museum because there is something new every day!


And so, here is my new thing from yesterday,  I did this pastel study in my sketchbook last night to prep for a future acrylic painting.  I can see a few details I’ll change up for the canvas, but overall, I’m happy with the plan.


Around the Bend sketch

Pastel study for “Around the Bend”

11″ x 8 1/2″