First Day!

Day 1:  Art Every Day Month

Alright.  I’ve been planning for this all week.  I found out about this challenge last Monday, and I set up this blog so I could post my work every day for November is Art Every Day Month.  I’m excited about a commitment to make art every day, and posting is my way of holding myself accountable.  Here goes!


The Iris Bed 10

“The Iris Bed”

Pastel 16 x12

These Iris were a gift from a neighbor.  She divided her beds and ended up with 500 extra bulbs and I was lucky enough to be the beneficiary!  My husband built a whole new bed for them.  It took a few days’ work to get them in the ground, but the show they put on in the Spring was worth it.

I started this painting almost 20 years ago, in 1996.  And finished it today, November 1, 2015.  That’s why I’m doing Art Every Day in November.