Swamp Things

The Lowcountry of South Carolina is near and dear to the hearts of most who live in this state, and many who visit.  Live Oaks draped in Spanish Moss.  Marsh grasses swaying with the tide.  The fragrance of pluff mud…

And the swamps that surround have a mystery of their own.

 Edge of Stumphole Swamp


A cool and breezy morning on big water.

“Edge of Stumphole Swamp”


Fishcamp at Stumphole Swamp

In the heat of the day.  An abandoned and collapsed trailer on floats, once a Fish Camp.

“Fish Camp at Stumphole Swamp”


Cypress, Tupelo and Spanish Moss

Late afternoon,

the old Cypress and Tupelo stand while Spanish Moss floats on the breeze overhead.

“Cypress, Tupelo, and Spanish Moss”


Cypress Reflections (2)

A very still evening.

“Cypress Reflections”